4/1/2020: Exciting news! We have found sources for Unakite from N.C., and Black Copper Turquoise and Black Tourmaline crystals from somewhere in U.S.A. We are in talks with an American bead company that can supply us with either beads made in other countries from materials mined in America and beads made in America from materials mined in America.

†††††††††† Currently while seeking American sources, Green Woven is producing cloth face masks for many of the locals in the California Delta.


02/20/2020: Getting ready for the new fair season, deciding on while ones to attend and which to stay at home. We are expanding to doing non-cosplay craft fairs and other fairs such as Scottish games. The Delta folks are very interested in having ren-type fairs and especially pirate fairs.


3/23/2019: Both pavilions are almost finished.

02/21/2019: Our phone number has changed: 916-398-1174. Our shop is live and accepts PayPal only at this time. We will be able to accept cc/dc & Bitcoin on our shop and POS by May 2019.


12/18/2018: This coming year we will have a 10 x 10 booth at fairs. This means we can offer more items, such as crystal balls, polished rough stones, beeswax, jewelry boxes and many other things. We are in process of applying for new fairs. And in 2019 we shall be taking advantage of the new Street Vendorís law signed by Governor Brown this year. It goes into effect Jan. 1, 2019. We have been working with the town of Isleton in the successful implementation of this law.


Here we are in the beginning of our sixth year. This year, 2018, was our best year yet. More events are scheduled each year. We are looking forward to 2019.


New products will be arriving as we are building two 10 x 10 renaissance style pavilions. We will be supplying basic materials for crafting such as beeswax, leather cord, loose beads, various gauges of wires, yarns, bamboo knitting needles, bamboo crochet hooks, and more as it comes along. Automatic 10% discount to other vendor/crafters at any fair we attend.


Also, Green Woven is branching out into other crafts. Bamboo wireless mice and keyboards and other things as we add.
































Black Copper Turquoise